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Trapstar Chenille Decoded 2.0 Hooded Tracksuit - Black/Blue

£279.99 GBP £299.99 GBP
Introducing the Trapstar Chenille Decoded 2.0 Hooded Tracksuit - Black/Blue: Elevate your streetwear game with this bold and distinctive ensemble that's meticulously designed to make a fashion statement. Loaded with exclusive features, this tracksuit is the ultimate choice for those who crave style, authenticity, and an urban edge.
  • Decoded Chenille Logo Across Chest: The iconic Trapstar emblem takes center stage, adorning the chest with intricate chenille embroidery, boldly expressing your love for street culture.
  • Decoded Chenille Logo Down Side of Leg: From head to toe, the Decoded Chenille logo runs proudly down the side of the leg, showcasing your dedication to the Trapstar brand.
  • Branded Zip Across Chest: A branded zipper across the chest adds a unique touch, setting this tracksuit apart as more than just clothing - it's a statement of your individuality.
  • Irongate T Chenille Logo on Hood: The Irongate T Chenille logo on the hood adds an extra layer of exclusivity, turning your everyday hooded tracksuit into a work of art.
  • Official Certilogo Authentication Label: Trust in the authenticity of your purchase with the Official Certilogo Authentication Label, ensuring that your tracksuit is a genuine Trapstar creation, not an imitation.

Hoodie & Bottoms Included: This tracksuit includes both the hoodie and bottoms, offering a complete, coordinated streetwear look that lets you effortlessly express your unique style.

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